Tuesday, September 28, 2010

MASH UP. Tiesto, PC gaming, Wallpapers

 Indeed, its a mash up of all three, a little special from a small break I had.

Do you believe PC gaming is dying? List a few reasons why, I'm also going to set up a poll.
(I'm honey dEw. <3)

Anybody who enjoys playing CS1.6, I'm looking for a team, also if you guys just like playing TF2, post your steam IDs, start adding each other. Possibly set up a game between us. Or discuss certain things (;

Steam ID: Letsgobacktoafrica

  DJ Tiesto
(Tickets range $50~77)

If anybody would like to meet up at the show, you may contact me via
AIM: panterabordr420
Email: bigbearslovedubstep@yahoo
or PM. 

Last but not least; wallpapers & creative images




  1. Nice email address bro, shows dedication and also, smoke weed every hour, no I mean really dude. Smoke weed every hour

  2. dude, thanks for following my blog.

    here to return the favor!

  3. I don't think so. Yes it certainly is being affected by games being pirated but sales by Steam and Blizzard along with increased security measures are helping keep PC gaming alive.

  4. When is breaking bad coming back?

  5. Yes and no. I will always prefer PC to console (even though I own all of them anyway) but I know that sales are becoming difficult due to pirating. I need to agree with David, I think Steam will be one of the few figures who can keep PC gaming alive IF they can keep there shit straight. I personally had no issues with them until they disabled my account for no reason, but I keep hearing a lot of complaints from my friends for various reasons.

  6. this is one of my more favorite blog posts from you :)

  7. Pirating is te way of the future, my friends. Yarr.

  8. i like this website. but aren't drugs illegal?

  9. tieste is making some good music!

  10. Unfortunately, PC gaming has fallen victim to consumer gaming, or the "casual gamer". I can somewhat consider myself this, but I also consider the limited number of titles that come with PC gaming, since because it's not very profitable, only certain genres are given high accolade on the PC. While the FPS genre certainly started with the PC, it became optimized and popularized with consoles back around the first Super Nintendo ports of Doom and the title that some say revolutionized FPS on console.. yes, I'm talking about Goldeneye. The problem is, since certain genres are optimized for each platform, the way it is looked at by publishers and investors is that the platform with the most profitable genre will always have the upper hand. Since FPS and adventure games are the norm now, and definitely the most popular, consoles are on top. Simple as that. When you think consoles, you don't think RPG, even with the advent of popular hits like Final Fantasy.. RPG is pretty much synonymous with the PC, as FPS is with consoles(despite the orgins). That's my 2 cents.


  11. For me the main reasons why I feel pc gaming is going down is the controls, and the fact that you can easily hook up a console to an HDTV...

  12. Why is your blog so fun to read? :)

  13. this is a really cool blog!

  14. Great post!

    looking forward to reading the next one