Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Thats right ladies and gentlemen. The notorious Q-Dance hypes the entire continent of Europe and brings in people from all over the world to a single spot. Every year the stage is redesigned to the new theme they base it around. An example was 2009 "Power of the mind". Custom stages, lights are no longer lights. These are precise  lasers that will bend your mind until it shatters. Oh, did I mention the best DJs in the industry play there?

Where might this location be? For you Americans expect a long and pricey trip. Netherlands, Arnhem. This event is always hosted on the 3rd week of November, you must be atleast 18 years of age and 21 or older to drink. Qlimax is one of the best well known shows in the electronic music industry, along side with Electric Daisy Carnival, Sensation White, Sensation Black, and Wonderland. Although the atmosphere there is much different, why might you think that? Netherlands.

A taste of qlimax

Of course its right around the corner, some of us can't exactly pluck money off our trees fast enough. No worries, it gets better. Q-Dance hosts multiple events that are just as well known as Qlimax.

Everything that ranges from two long days of outside concerts near a lake or ocean, to old military bases, and more large shows like Qlimax. All with a new twist in the idea of a concert, always blending the border between a festival and a concert. Luckily for any Australians, Q-Dance hosts one of the largest events on the shores known as Defcon 1.

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  1. If only i could afford a trip to the Netherlands for this event. :D