Tuesday, September 28, 2010

MASH UP. Tiesto, PC gaming, Wallpapers

 Indeed, its a mash up of all three, a little special from a small break I had.

Do you believe PC gaming is dying? List a few reasons why, I'm also going to set up a poll.
(I'm honey dEw. <3)

Anybody who enjoys playing CS1.6, I'm looking for a team, also if you guys just like playing TF2, post your steam IDs, start adding each other. Possibly set up a game between us. Or discuss certain things (;

Steam ID: Letsgobacktoafrica

  DJ Tiesto
(Tickets range $50~77)

If anybody would like to meet up at the show, you may contact me via
AIM: panterabordr420
Email: bigbearslovedubstep@yahoo
or PM. 

Last but not least; wallpapers & creative images



Saturday, September 25, 2010


Just a little 8bit remix. Enjoy your weekends everybody, off for vacation. Sorry I havent been getting back or blogging as much.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Let it snow

Awww ye. September 22nd is the first day of autumn, when the sun sets past the equator.

For all of you who enjoy the winter seasons, this is a must. Let it snow, let it snow.

Good kush, hot chocolate, nice girls, fire places, bon fires, smores and good hearty dinners.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Is this really happening?


a fictitious drug. jenkem is supposedly made from human fecal matter and urine, which is left to ferment in a container with a balloon over the opening to collect the hydrogen sulfide gas that is released. kids across the nation are said to be huffing the gas to get high.
do you think anyone is actually stupid enough to try to make jenkem? 

I am in shock. Thats correct ladies and gentlemen. We are the most sophisticated, creative, intellectual creatures on this planet. YET, we are  bottling our fecal matter and urine. Waiting for fermination and huff all the gas in the balloon. 

There are humans, huffing on their own shit and piss. Next time you think you feel dumb for answering something wrong, forgetting something, think again, atleast your not a dumbass huffing shit and piss.


Next Level

You didnt think it could get better...

Next Level Anthem. From Q-Dance

Ladies and gentlemen, I would give my future children's college fund to attend this. THIS IS  A MUST!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Remember, be safe. Information is your friend.

What a shame, the weekend is over. until next time folks!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Q-dance Mystery Land
Thats right, Q-Dance does it AGAIN. Bigger, better, harder than ever, Mystery Land is back.



Q-dance Mystery Land

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A what..?

How should I act?
Just be respectful. If you bump into someone dancing, make an apologetic motion. Step on someone's feet, same thing. There will be people from all walks of life, go in with an open mind.

What should I wear?
Wear clothes that are comfortable to dance in. Neon colors, etc. are usually appreciated too.

How many people will be there?
Depends greatly on the event. Ranges from 50 people to 150,000.

What kind of music can I expect?
Again, this depends greatly on the event. You'll probably hear hardcore, hardstyle, dubstep, drum'n'bass, house, trance, or one of their subgenres.

How do I dance?
Doesn't really matter, just move; you'll look more awkward just standing there than anything else. Kandi stomping, shuffling, and DnB step are popular styles though.

Will people be selling rolls/molly at the rave?
Yes. It's better to buy from someone who's obviously rolling face, that way you know they aren't selling you bunk shit.

How do I locate such people?
Find someone who's obviously rolling face, and ask them to point you in the right direction. If they have no where to point you, ask what they took so you get an idea what pills are good and can search for those ones.

How should I smuggle in my rolls?
If it's a small amount, inside your sock works great. If it's a larger amount, put them in a baggie and crotch them.

How much water should I drink?
About 3 bottles over the course of the night. Drink only a little at a time, you don't want to over-hydrate. Bring money to buy a bottle inside the event ($2-5; refill in the bathroom sink to save money), they usually won't let you bring your own in. Also, sports drinks are even better than water.

How do I get someone to give me a light show?
Just ask, it's very rare for someone to say no.

How do I make raver friends?
Just start talking to people. Ravers (as a general rule) are the nicest people you've ever met and they love to talk to new people.

  • PLUR - Peace Love Unity Respect
  • Kandi/Kandy - Plastic bead bracelets / necklaces / etc. It is often traded to show affection and form a bond between two ravers. Attached pic is some of my kandi
  • Kandi Kid - Someone who's completely desked out in kandi and also usually neon colored clothing
  • PTot/Prostitot - Obviously underage girl who runs around raves in only her underwear (unfortunately more common than you would think)
  • Thizz - Ecstasy Pills
  • Bombs - Ecstasy Pills
  • Thizz face - the retarded face people make when rolling tits
  • Light show - Someone giving you a show with lights (awesome when rolling)
  • Poi - Spinning of lights/fire on the end of strings
Other Notes
  • Be open to hugs from members of both genders (it's going to happen)
  • I suggest taking something to boost your immune system before attending; before I started doing this I was getting sick at almost every rave I attended
  • If you plan on sourcing at the event, look up the good pills in your area on first
  • Cigs are amazing
  • Don't take so many drugs you can't walk straight
  • Don't grope random girls or make rude comments about them, no matter how scantily they may be dressed
  • Raves aren't orgys

Om nom nom

Sunday, September 12, 2010

                   SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA

                    Catch it while you still can, RUSKO is a must.

Aside from that, all I would like to do is just post a few pictures, cheer up some people's days.



Aside from that, anybody care to tell me how their weekends were. Do go into detail if you'd like. Have a good night everybody! Too lazy to embed. here you go. Song of the day.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Safety First

Just a little information and safety tips for the weekends and concerts.

Stay safe everybody.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

My speakers told me to fuck off

For those who love filthstep check out some more Cookie Monsta. Enjoy the nasty bass drops.

A large jungle & dubstep show will be playing.

AS ALWAYS - Keep it Real. Keep it Down. Keep it Underground!

Info Lines:

$15 / $9 till Eleven / 18+ / 9pm

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Of course we know films that represent certain drugs. An example would be the movie Blow, made in 2001 starring Johnny Depp. I'm sure most of us have also seen the movie Pineapple Express made only a few years back. I just saw the movie Go, not bad at all. Twisted plot but good although a horrible way to portray the effects of ecstasy.

Know what you are getting yourself into. Here is a little chart that might explain abit.


Rusko vs. Deadmau5

If you haven't heard it by now, you'll hear it from me. Recently while the new uprising artist Deadmau5 was on tour he happened to be in the same show as Rusko, a very well known dubstep artist. While backstage Rusko was enjoying a spliff listening to Joel Zimmerman (Deadmau5) playing. Zimmerman had gotten angry, called security and they threated to kick Rusko out of the show.

Word got out and the frustrated Rusko posted the next evening on Twitter, expressing his disapproval of Deadmau5.

Deadmau5 calmly replied stating that Rusko is overreacting and the one who has a large ego. Who would ever think one would care about another smoking cannabis backstage, personally. Its their choice in what they choose to do, its so widely accepted that is almost the norm. In no way am I condoning smoking of cannabis, although it is not as if it was cocaine being snorted backstage.

Wrong or right? Up to you.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rusko feat. Amber Coffman "Hold On"

I believe that we have all had our minds enveloped in music. Our human essence is to create, since the dawn of time. Many children have inspirations to become a rock star, opera singer, in a play or dance. I know I have, I still have a dream.

Some of us don't realize that we can still do that. We might not be able to become rock stars or huge celebs, but lets face it. The definition of what is popular is different than we should be popular. Lady GaGa, really now? I search the pits of the internet for good music and other times it surfaces to the top. We are all still learning machines and can teach ourselves almost anything, especially the young ones. Take time to appreciate what you have, the ability to create, hear, sense, and even more importantly the ability to send messages. A perfect example for me would be this:

For all you dubheads out there, you may know him as Rusko. 5 days following him during his tour and how fun it must be.

Good night dubsters

Dreams and Inspirations

Tell me yours.


Thats right ladies and gentlemen. The notorious Q-Dance hypes the entire continent of Europe and brings in people from all over the world to a single spot. Every year the stage is redesigned to the new theme they base it around. An example was 2009 "Power of the mind". Custom stages, lights are no longer lights. These are precise  lasers that will bend your mind until it shatters. Oh, did I mention the best DJs in the industry play there?

Where might this location be? For you Americans expect a long and pricey trip. Netherlands, Arnhem. This event is always hosted on the 3rd week of November, you must be atleast 18 years of age and 21 or older to drink. Qlimax is one of the best well known shows in the electronic music industry, along side with Electric Daisy Carnival, Sensation White, Sensation Black, and Wonderland. Although the atmosphere there is much different, why might you think that? Netherlands.

A taste of qlimax

Of course its right around the corner, some of us can't exactly pluck money off our trees fast enough. No worries, it gets better. Q-Dance hosts multiple events that are just as well known as Qlimax.

Everything that ranges from two long days of outside concerts near a lake or ocean, to old military bases, and more large shows like Qlimax. All with a new twist in the idea of a concert, always blending the border between a festival and a concert. Luckily for any Australians, Q-Dance hosts one of the largest events on the shores known as Defcon 1.