Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rusko feat. Amber Coffman "Hold On"

I believe that we have all had our minds enveloped in music. Our human essence is to create, since the dawn of time. Many children have inspirations to become a rock star, opera singer, in a play or dance. I know I have, I still have a dream.

Some of us don't realize that we can still do that. We might not be able to become rock stars or huge celebs, but lets face it. The definition of what is popular is different than we should be popular. Lady GaGa, really now? I search the pits of the internet for good music and other times it surfaces to the top. We are all still learning machines and can teach ourselves almost anything, especially the young ones. Take time to appreciate what you have, the ability to create, hear, sense, and even more importantly the ability to send messages. A perfect example for me would be this:

For all you dubheads out there, you may know him as Rusko. 5 days following him during his tour and how fun it must be.

Good night dubsters


  1. nice:)
    following & supporting you